100% Recyclable Filling Inflatable Protective Biodegradable Roll Environmentally Roll Film

Short Description:

The environmentally friendly roll film adds an extra liner and ensures the safety of your items during transportation and handling.

-100% recyclable and degradable materials, recyclable
-Produce protection effect after filling with air to fully protect the product
-Easy to operate, the gap between the films is easy to tear apart without using scissors
-Save warehouse space and can be stacked in rolls
-Different sizes:provide three types of cushion protection: air pillow, air bubble and air tube
-Accept customization: Logo and brand information can be customized according to personal needs

  • MOQ: we accapt 1 roll delivery
  • Product Origin: China
  • Color: Can be customized
  • Product Detail

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    100% Recycled Degradable Materials Air Bubble Cushion Wrap Film Roll

    We are committed to making environmentally friendly cushioning packaging products and developing a green concept. This bubble film not only uses

    100% biodegradable raw materials, but also provides perfect protection for the product.

    1.Colors can be customized, and different colors and logos can be customized according to personal preferences

    2.The operation is simple, the gap between the bubble film is obvious, and it can be torn off directly by hand

    3.100% recyclable and degradable material, which can be used for composting in households etc.

    4.No air leakage inside, 99% air rate makes the protection performance strong

    5.Different types are available:air pillow, air bubble and air tube

    Product Specifications

    Item Environmentally Roll Film For Packaging Bags
    MOQ We accept 1 roll delivery
    Material HDPE,100% Biodegradable
    Length 250m,350m,700m,1500m
    With 200mm,400mm,600mm,800mm
    Lead Time 3-7 Days for sample
    OEM & ODM Create your brand,win the market
    Certificates CE,PSE


    The bubble film is in the shape of a gourd after it is inflated, which can protect the transported products in all directions. Our products can be used for

    packaging: glass cups, ceramic products, red wine glasses, handicrafts, electronic products, and furniture. It has a wide range of uses and can be recycled.

    And will not cause damage to the environment

    A Variety Of  Specifications Are Available

    Length:250m,350m,700m,1500m& Customized


    Material:HDPE,100% Biodegradable

    His advantages:

    1.Packaging materials that meet all levels

    2.100% recyclable, using degradable raw materials

    3.Easy to tear off saves packaging time and improves efficiency

    4.Stacked in rolls, saving storage space

    5.There is no gap between the bubble film, no air leakage, can fully protect the product

    6.Suitable for packaging of various items

    air cushion roll (5)

    air cushion roll (6)


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