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Air cushion packaging machine more emphasis on humanized design

October 15, 2020

In recent years, the development of packaging industry has shown a good trend. The overall output has increased, and plastic packaging occupies an important part of the industry. In the future, with the development of commercial activities and logistics industry, the demand of packaging industry will keep steady growth. When it comes to plastic packaging, air cushion machines are inseparable.

Our products are fully conform to the principles of humanization and convenience. Our new air cushion machine has been optimized in many aspects:

First of all, compared with large machines, our mini air cushion wrap machine are more convenient to carry and move, and ordinary adults can carry them;

In addition, our movable air bag inflate machine speed is also fixed, 14 meters per minute, which is a conclusion drawn after a lot of experimental data. Experiments have shown that for most small and medium-sized logistics companies, this matches the manual efficiency when inflating the bubble bag. It will not be too slow to keep up with the efficiency, nor will the inflation efficiency be too fast to produce bubble cushion waste problem;

In addition, in the operating space, our automatic void fill machine adopts a button-type operating platform, which avoids the fragile, difficult-to-handle, and inconvenient problems that the LCD touch-screen operation platform may produce. This operating mode is more intimate and Warm. Not only manual buttons, if the operator is not convenient for manual control, our products are also equipped with an external foot pedal switch, so that the operator can turn on and off the inflator when both hands are occupied;

Once the Linkair machine started, it was welcomed by many people. It is believed that in the near future, the new inflator will bring the market into the new field of humanized operation.

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