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Air void fill bubble wrap machine

Portable designed, it is easy for users to move to anyplace.

Free to set the amount of the inflatable cushion, and you can depend on the size of goods to produce bubble bag.

Using the most advanced motor technology, quiet operation without noise.

Unique air flow control system, a variety of roll film can be used.

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Product Item:Automated Void-Fill Protective Packaging Durable Bubble wrap machine NA-L2


We are a inflatable protective packaging system, With automatic air systems the supply of bloated air cushions is distributed more efficient. An air cushion machine and collection bags are used with this. The benefit of air cushion is that - because of the use of air - there is less material needed for a good protection. Look at the possibilities of our automatic air cushion system and machines.



Air Cushion Machine Multi Function 49 Feet Per Minute

Voltage /Frequency:

AC 110-230V 50~60HZ



Maximum Speed:

49 ft/min

Material Paper Core Inner Diameter:

2 Inch

Applicable Inflation Port Size:


Outline Dimension:

19.7"L × 13.4"W × 9.8"H






Belts *10pcs / Manual *1pcs / Blade *1pcs

Features of automated Void-Fill Protective Packaging NA-L2 machine

1. Adjustable speed from 49 feet per minutes.

2. Works with all types of film, suit all your packing need.

3. One year quality guarantee and with professional technical guidance.

4. With Adjustable Air Volume,Sealing Temperature,Speed.

5.Highly portable air cushion machine, weight only 5kg.

Advantages of air cushion wrap machine

1.Ideal for most packaging environments,Easy operation,easy maintenance.

2.1 year quality warranty.

3.CE,PSE certified,quality guaranteed.

4.Has adjustable air volume, temperature and length.

5.Quick,quiet,save cost,Light at only 5kgs.

Why work with us

Guangzhou LinkAir Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd is the leading company of protective packaging machine & material. Providing air cushion machine, cushioning film, and customized packaging solutions for e-commerce, logistic, manufacturing, Cold Chain, Transportation.


Q:How can I get the discount?
A:The discount is up to your order quantity. Small order is accepted as well.
Your rolling order can help you get a discount.
The raw material and custom logo will influence the price.
Q:Are you a factory or trading company?
A:We are a factory since 2016 in Guangdong.
Q:Can you create the design for me?
A:Yes, of course, our professional design team is always available here.
Q:What artwork do I need?
A:We would prefer to use illustrator vectors ( ai, cdr. Pdf)If the file is too large to send via email, you
could share it to us via WeTransfer, Dropbox or Hightail.
Q:Can I get everything customized here, like label, hang tags, packing etc.?
A:Definitely yes; just kindly advise us your special demands, we’ll get the job done.
Q:Can I get a sample to check quality and fitting?
A:Yes,we can custom the sample with your own logo,size and color.
We have color swatch for you choose color,we could also provide the size chart or you could use yours if you have.

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.