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Be familiar with the basic characteristics of buffer packaging materials

October 16, 2020
Products from production to put into use through a series of transport, storage and loading and unloading process. The process will inevitably have a strong effect on the product, and make the product mechanical damage. In order to ensure the integrity of the product, it is necessary to try to reduce the impact of external forces, buffer packaging materials are thus produced, for the product to mitigate the impact of external forces on the contents, to protect it from damage.
Buffer packaging materials have the following four basic characteristics:
1) Absorbency: it absorbs abundant energy of impact and has certain absorbency for impact and vibration.
2) Resiliency: Certain deformation will occur when the load is added, but when the load is removed, the material can better recover its original shape.
3) Adaptability: It can adapt to a wide range of temperatures and maintain good buffering performance when the ambient temperature fluctuates greatly, so as to prevent damage during transportation, loading and unloading and storage.
4) Environmental protection: pollution-free, in line with the trend of modern environmental protection.

Linkair is committed to the production and design of buffer packaging materials and believes that punch packaging will usher in a broad development prospect.

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