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Biodegradable air cushion film

Biodegradable air cushion protective film can be recyclable, which will be good for environment and our planet.

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Product Item:Biodegradable air cushion film


Our protective Biodegradable air cushion film is made from100% recyclable material, with outstanding impact resistance and puncture resistance. The air balloon feature is designed to anti prompt critical shock during the transportation, absorb the shock energy by expanding the air pillow film, but not break up.

Our air bubble wrap roll can use customized logo printing, which will greatly increase the impression of opening. While the HDPE based film could be very thin to lower the cost.


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Linkair, a professional manufacturer of air cushion equipment, materials and related expanded system, focus on offering at all time a superior quality professional service with our effective and dynamic team, listening to our customers’ needs.

We offer a full line of air cushion machine, film roll of air pillows for shipping, inflatable bubble wrap, packing air cushions, air column roll, air column bags, air pouches and air bag packing (bag-in-bag Shape) in a variety of functions and applications, like E-commerce, Mail Order, Catalog Provider, Order Fulfillment Services, Express Logistics, Printing Supplies Industry, Ceramics and Cosmetics, Handbag and Luggage, Electronic Products, automobile parts, Fruit, Food.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.