Inflatable Air Column Bags To Pack Fragile Products

Short Description:

The air column bag can wrap the product in all directions, and the transparent shell is more beautiful than traditional packaging.

Save storage space, can be inflated packaging on demand, he can complete the packaging in the shortest time, saving packaging time.

Air column bags are available in different sizes, logo and brand information can be customized, and customized packaging products belonging to your personal company.

  • Type: Protective Film
  • Feature: Shock Resistance,Waterproof
  • Product Detail

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    Air column bag, we can customize the size and shape for you:
    1.Simple operation: directly use the air column machine for inflation, saving labor costs
    2.Material: NY/PE co-extruison film, which is strong protection.
    3.Single air column: each air column exists separately, any rupture will not affect the safety packaging
    4.Space saving: can be stacked directly when not in use, saving storage space
    5.Size and shape: Customize the size for you according to your product
    6.High degree of experience: simple packaging, more satisfied consumers
    7.Cost saving: strong protection performance, reducing customer complaints and transportation costs
    8.Application: used for packaging fragile products (such as red wine glasses, ceramic bowls), electronic
    products (such as notebooks, mobile phones), fruits, cosmetics, handicrafts, etc.
    Product specifications

    Item Air column bag
    Type Protective Film
    Size Customized
    Special products Low noise, high precision
    Feature Shock Resistance,Waterproof
    Product Keywords Cushion material,air pillow film,air filter film

    Why choose us?

    Linkair provides packaging solutions for warehouses, enterprises, companies, etc., in order to save costs for customers, save manpower and material resources, and enable enterprises to obtain more profits.We can provide quality products, competitive prices and long-term stable supply. We are committed to providing good products to save manpower and material resources for customers, so that you can get more profits.

    We provide various types of air cushion machines, films, inflatable packaging, inflatable film packaging, cushion bags, air bags and air bag packaging. It can be used in many occasions, such as e-commerce, logistics, express delivery, printing supplies, handicrafts, daily necessities, luggage, electronic products, mechanical parts, fruits, food and other industries.
    Choose us, we will provide high-quality packaging solutions, and also expand your market share, so that you can achieve business success.

    Q:How can I get the discount?
    A:The discount is up to your order quantity. Small order is accepted as well.
    Q:Are you a factory or trading company?
    A:We are a factory since 2016 in Guangdong.
    Q:Can you create the design for me?
    A:Yes, of course, our professional design team is always available here.
    Air column machine pillow (12) Air column machine pillow (10)


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