Mini Inflatable Air Bubble Cushion Machine NA-L2

Short Description:

The air cushion machine is a new packaging method that replaces the traditional foam packaging. The machine is simple and convenient to operate. It is suitable for various suppliers and small and medium-sized enterprises. It is equipped with different specifications of air cushion film to package different products, which is more efficient and small in size can save storage space.

  • Item: NA-L2 Air Cushion Bubble Machine
  • Logo & Color: Accept logo and color customization
  • MOQ: Support 1piece delivery
  • Warranty: 3 Years warranty
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    Product Description

    The air cushions are excellently suited for quickly and economically filling empty space in one simple step. Equipped with this protective packaging,
    the goods are fixed in the package preventing migration. For pre-packaged products with minimal risk of breakages.

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    NA-L2 Air Bubble Machine Specification

    Item NA-L2 Inflatable Bag Film Wrapping Pillow Cushion Air Bubble Machine
    Logo & Color Accept logo and color customization
    MOQ Support 1piece delivery
    Warranty 3 Years warranty
    Lead Time 3-7 Days for sample
    Certificate CE, PSE
    Applications Busy warehouses, E-commerce, Stores, Express logistics, etc
    Parameter  Weight:5KG
    Speed:15M /M

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     Product Advantages

    - Whether large, fragile, or heavy, any product can be packed quickly and safely.

    -Forget cumbersome handling with loose fill or packing paper.

    - Only one product is needed to provide both protection and padding.

    -Fixes any shipping problem cost-effectively by wrapping, padding, filling gaps, and securing products in place.

    -Ready to use immediately after unpacking.

    -Gain more space in your warehouse.

     Compared with the previous paper packaging

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    Easy Operation Steps


    Connect the power supply and                               Unfold the air cushion film and insert                            Control the smart button screen
    Press the power switch                                                  it according to the hole position                                       


    This air cushion film will be inserted                                String together in this direction                     After insertion, the complete,air cushion
     along the direction of the whole                                                                                                                   film will be installed completely

    Product Case 

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    Why Choose Our Air Cushion Machine?
    1. Optional specifications are diversified, colors and logos can be customized
    2. Compared with NA-L1, the control interface is simple and the screen is large
    3. More intelligent and faster
    4. The body weight is less than 6kg, easy to carry and carry
    5. Strong packaging performance, can pack fragile goods, valuables, ceramic products, etc.

    Q: How can I get the discount?
    A: The discount is up to your order quantity. Small order is accepted as well.
    Your rolling order can help you get a discount.
    The raw material and custom logo will influence the price.
    Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
    A: We are a factory since 2016 in Guangdong.



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    We are a group of energetic team and a self-produced supplier, committed to making environmentally friendly packaging, providing one-stop solutions, making green packaging products, and promoting the development of the packaging product industry.

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