Air column bags are used as substitutes for packaging materials such as foam and plastic. At present, it is a popular packaging method in the packaging industry. It is a new type of cushioning material packaging that is shock-proof,anti-friction, and prevents collisions.

Air-cushion packaging products are a new type of packaging system that is filled with air through an air-cushion machine. He can fill the voids of items and protect the packaged products, not just filling and supporting. In addition,the air cushion film can be stored for a long time and does not leak electricity, and it can be filled with air at any time when it needs to be used, which will not cause material waste. Compared with traditional fillers, it does not produce paper scraps and other garbage, and it can also prevent the product from moving easily during transportation.

For easily damaged items such as electronic products and valuables in life, the use of air cushion packaging can pack these fragile items without being damaged during transportation.

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Post time: Oct-20-2021