Air cushion film, a very convenient and practical packaging method, uses an air cushion machine to inflate to form air pillows, air cushions, etc.
as transportation cushions, thereby protecting the transported products.

Product Parameter

Item 100% Recyclable Eco-Friendly Air Cushion Film
MOQ We accept 1 roll delivery
Length Accept customization
Lead Time 3-7 Days for sample
OEM & ODM Create your brand,win the market
Applications Busy warehouses, E-commerce, Stores,Express logistics,etc

What are the advantages of using air cushion packaging?

-When not inflated, it can be placed in rolls without occupying storage space and can be used on demand.
-Print the logo, the air cushion film becomes a transparent color, you can print the logo and other brand information.
-Tear directly by hand, no need to use scissors to tear off the package directly
-A variety of sizes to choose from, accept size customization

-Lightweight cushioning, product staggering and limited gap filling
-Lightweight reduces transportation costs
-Reduce item damage, can provide efficient cushioning and gap filling
-Less material, more rewards

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Post time: Dec-28-2021