Safe And Reliable Transportation Of Protective Material Air Bubble Film Roll

Short Description:

The air bubble film roll is used to transport and protect and wrap products. It can withstand the squeezing of heavy objects, and can prevent the objects from moving and damage during the transportation process, providing an efficient buffering effect.

Can be torn directly by hand without using scissors
The bubble film is stacked in rolls, saving warehouse space
Simple operation can be used directly after restart
Logo and brand information can be customized according to personal needs

  • Item: Air Cushion Film
  • MOQ: We accept 1 roll delivery
  • Lead Time: 3-7 Days for sample
  • OEM & ODM: Create your brand,win the market
  • Certificates: CE,PSE,FSC
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    The air bubble film roll uses the essence of filling air inside to protect the items wrapped in transportation.

    1. Provide inflatable air cushion machine

    2. The air bubble film is stacked in rolls to save warehouse space and labor costs

    3. The interior is filled with 99% air to produce a high-efficiency buffering protection effect

    4. It can be used to package valuables, fragile items, ceramic products, etc. in life

    We provide tutorials on the purchase and installation of air cushion machines to save your packaging time and improve work efficiency,

    thereby minimizing your packaging costs and maximizing benefits.

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    Model Air Bubble Cushion Film
    Each Cushion Size 7.87″W × 5.9″L
    Material HDPE
    Roll Size ( W × L) HDPE
    Color Clear
    Rolls/CTN 1
    Suggested Use Blocking, Bracing, Void Fill, Corner Protection

    Where Can The Bubble Film Be Used?

    Air Bubble film is an indispensable packaging auxiliary material in life, and it is mainly used for logistics packaging and other package protection.

    For example: glass cups, ceramic products, red wine, notebooks, mobile phones, handicrafts, etc. can be packaged, and the packaged products

    will not be damaged as much as possible,so that your customers receive the most satisfactory service.

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    His advantages:
    1. Simple operation: just use the air cushion machine to inflate it and it can be used

    2. Tear off by hand directly after use, convenient and quick

    3. Accept printing: logo and brand information can be printed

    4. A variety of lengths are available: different lengths can be selected according to the size of the item

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    Q:Are you a factory or trading company?
    A:We are a factory since 2016 in Guangdong.
    Q:Can you create the design for me?
    A:Yes, of course, our professional design team is always available here.
    Q:How can I get the discount?
    A:The discount is up to your order quantity. Small order is accepted as well.


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